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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Dallas Black Bloggers

Wow! Thank you all so much for attending our first Virtual Festival. Great things are here! Dallas hasn't been recognized to be as creative as our neighbors in Houston, TX, and Austin, TX. But here in 2020, we challenge that idea. Why? Because GREAT THINGS ARE HERE in Dallas. That’s why this festival was created and excelled.

Great Things Are Here is a space for Artists, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs to showcase their Music, Art, Fashion, Poetry and Creativity. So you know that our first GTAH Virtual Festival was nothing short of amazing! All of the Artists who performed put their best foot forward to showcase that Great Things Are Here!

Check out all of the Artists who performed:

  • Jay Air Sims - A true leader, who tells a story through his music and stage presence. Every lyric that was written contained a burst of passion and purpose behind it. His Greatness is forever seen and will blossom like a butterfly.

  • Luke Jenison - An amazing Rapper with lots of character in his music. Metaphors do not lack in his lyrics or with his energetic performance. We love how he is very passionate about his stage performance and makes sure that the audience is having a Great time.

  • Eddy DTX - A Dallas native who shares the passion in his music through thought provoking lyrics. His stage presence penetrates your soul and forces you to listen to every word with awe. He spoke about the plight that black men face and that was really brave. We love EddyDtx.

  • Muddy Boy Tony - A Dallas native with a sound like no other. His flow makes you want to sip wine with your lover for the ultimate vibes. He not only creates Great music, but he also creates Great Experiences through his music. He is passionate. He is a lover.. He is Muddy Boy Tony ladies.

  • Amara The Lyricst - At 17 years old, she is a Singer and Rapper with music that features her diverse musical genre. She cannot be limited, as she speaks multiple languages and incorporates that in her music. She is a phenomenal Superstar!

  • Ryan Demesme - An artist who speaks from the soul. His music is vulnerable and inspirational. During his performance he spoke about depression and wasn't afraid to express himself. One can always find truth and enlightenment in his music. He is a true force to be reckoned with and will go extremely far in life.

  • Mr. Valentino - As soon as he got on the stage you could feel a burst of positivity. With long locks, a big smile, and fun lyrics the crowd was destined to have a phenomenal time. His new single, California, is doing big numbers on YouTube. He is a burst of fun energy.

  • Too Bright Shine - As the name says he is bright and he does let his light shine. A very passionate and expressive lyricist with an astounding flow. He is very passionate and speaks on things that pertain to the everyday life of a young man pursuing their dreams and tackling the issues of life.

  • Voltex - This young man was incredible and like no other! He was the only dubstep Artist in the building and when he turned on his music, we could've sworn we were in Vegas! His music was so fun, energetic, and put together extremely well! If you are looking to turn up, we would definitely suggest turning on his music and having a blast.

Our poets Sherrell Martin and Jackie Blaylock spoke about our current state in the world and the systemic racism we endure. Both of their performances were necessary. Thank you ladies!

Special thank you to The Mixtape Show with Dj KawonJ for interviewing the Artist's fresh off the stage. It was a pleasure to have you as a part of this cause! Be sure to check out the Artists’ Radio Interviews on the Great Things Are Here Youtube Channel.

Special thank you to DFW Premier Catering for the delicious meals and serving our amazing talents! The food was incredible and just thinking about it is making us hungry again. Book DFW Premier Catering for your next event by going to their website

Special thank you to McMurray Films for doing the A/V of the Event. We understand how difficult this can be at times and we appreciate you. Book McMurray Films for your next event right here!

Lastly, it was a true pleasure to be a part of the first Great Things Are Here festival. It was such an honor to see all of the Artists become so excited to be involved. There was Great high energy with lots of laughs.

Be sure to check out the website Great Things Are Here and follow us on Instagram! Remember, Great Things Are Here is also accepting donations to encourage the youth of Dallas to believe and understand that Great Things Are Here! Our cash app is also $GreatThingsAreHere. To be a sponsor, click here to fill out the form.

As always, thank you so much for coming. And we will see you next time for volume 2 of Great Things Are Here!!



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